Welcome to Relic Tour

Namo Sakya Muni Buddha
Venerable Sanghas
Dear honorable Mr. Mayor.
Good Evening Ladies & Gentement

I am honor & very pleased to extend my warmest greeting to everyone taking part in the Opening Ceremony of the Maitreya Project’s Loving Kindness Tour.

The Tour offers for the spiritual tradition Buddhist & non-Buddhist alike a rare opportunity to view a precious collection of sacred relics of the Buddha & other Buddhist masters. ( by Lama Zopa )

Buddhism is the first missionary religion in the history of humanity with an universal message of salvation & welfare for all mankind; and the Buddha relics bring a message of an universal peace for those who have the opportunity to view the relics will have a way to derive highest benefit from them.

I hope that the time you spent today in the presence of the Relics will evoke feelings of peace, happiness, and well-being in everyone, and pray that the Buddha’s compassionate teachings always be with you in every speak, thoughts and acts. Please take this rare opportunity to evoke and exercise the compassionate feelings immerged in you that you never know it exist.

Please accept my best wishes for ever-lasting happiness.

Yours sincerarely,

Abbot of LS. Temple